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Different people have different preferences when it comes to intimacy and relationships. Sounds healthy enough, right? But what if your spouse is caught sneaking around with a transgender woman? What if you weren't aware that your significant other has some sexual tendencies that are unconventional to say the least? This information can be jarring, and has been known to cause serious relationship problems. Celebrities who are caught at some point or another with a transgender individual may have also questioned their own sexuality after the incident. While there's nothing wrong with finding out who you are and what you like, it's not particularly wise to make these discoveries at the expense of someone else's feelings or your career. Even though many of these celebs have gone on to create transgender dating rappers work, in the back of the minds of some fans, some of these famous individuals will always be known as "the guy who was caught with a transgender woman".

The other day I was searching YouTube for music videos and somehow I came across some videos about rappers dating transgender dating rappers. Of course I fully reject such a negative connotation. If rappers want to date shemales then so be it and more power to them! There is nothing to be ashamed about. A transgendered know another transgender when she sees one :. Anyway, I would love to know what you think. Transgender is a blanket term that covers all people whose sense of gender identity does not match their physiological or biological sex. For some transsexuals, there is a genetic explanation of this usually something like an XXY triplet instead of the usual male XY chromosome pair ; for the rest of us, the explanation is less clear.

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transgender dating rappers

transgender dating rappers

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